About Our Company

Our Profile

KH International is one of the leading company in exporting, importing, trading and marketing of after market European trucks, trailer spare parts and accessories. We have established this strong empire on core values of quality, reliability and creating value for our customers since 1975.

KH International is a house of complete range of OE and Replacement European trucks, trailer spare parts with wide range of products like bearing, brake liner, piston liner, shock absorber, clutch plate, brake valves, water pump, rubber parts, engine mounting, spring leaves, U bolts, wheel bolts, centre bolts, general parts and many more...

This wide range can be availed by our clients all under one roof to make their journey comfortable. We know that only the fittest and finest will survive the race of competition, perfection and excellence and we have left no stone unturned in achieving our promises, plans, deadlines targets and dreams.

Our Values

Total commitment to quality, durability and reliability.
Going the extra mile with our clients to establish a successful and long-term business relationship.
Constantly seeking ways and means to provide higher level of customer satisfaction.
Extensive market research to understand and meet with the growing demands of the ever- changing automobiles industry.
Continuously upgrading quality standards in line with the trends for the next millennium thereby benefiting the customer.
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